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Course overview:

Find out about the nutrients and health benefits of Superfood from each food group. Explore the ways you can add super food on your diet to have a healthy lifestyle. Learn how to gain much nutrition from your meal to manage your diet and create a healthy eating plan and balance your calorie gains.

Superfoods are mostly plant based but there are non-veg options full with nutrients that are thought to be good for health. Although, there are no set criteria for determining what is and what is not a superfood, according to the American Heart Association. Superfoods contain a variety of nutrients, such as antioxidants, which are thought to ward off cancer. They also have healthy fats, thought to prevent heart disease. 

Avoid all the myths and confusion about Superfood and fad diets. Forget about pre packaged food and learn how to make good meals by the use of super food that gives the most amount of healthy gains. Our course is made by the experts. You can learn some new information about the usage of superfoods and how to live a healthy lifestyle with a diet plan. Superfoods increase immunity.

After completing  our endorsed course Superfood Nutrition course, you can boost your career in the Food and Nutrition industry. 

Learning outcome

Why should i take this course from you:


After you successfully finish our ascribed training course Superfood Nutrition, you have developed new sets of skills that can contribute to your personal and professional development, improve your job prospects and evolve in your career. Now can obtain a PDF copy of your certificate free of cost.


Career Path

After completing our  Superfood Nutrition Course course, you will achieve the essential knowledge and tips to become successful in your career. This course is perfect fit anyone who wants to become their career on Nutritionist including:

Course Curriculum

What You Will Learn 00:02:00
Get to Know Your Instructor 00:02:00
Superfoods Introduction 00:02:00
The Bacisc of A Healthy Diet
The True Dieting Pyramid 00:04:00
Bodyweight And Health 00:05:00
Calories & Bodyweight In A Healthy Diet 00:02:00
The Twinkie Diet 00:02:00
How Many Calories Do You Need Daily 00:02:00
Calculating Your TDEE 00:03:00
Food Composition Explained 00:03:00
Protein Composition 00:02:00
Carbohydrate Composition 00:03:00
Fat Composition 00:01:00
Food Composition Recommendations 00:01:00
How Much Protein Should You Eat 00:02:00
How Much Fat Should You Eat 00:04:00
How Much Carbs Should You Eat Per Day 00:01:00
Macronutrient Recommendations 00:03:00
Nutrient Timing Introduction 00:02:00
Nutrient Timing Facts 00:04:00
Nutrient Timing Recommendations 00:02:00
Supplements Introduction 00:04:00
Superfood Vegetables
Vegetables Explained 00:03:00
Artichokes 00:02:00
Lettuce 00:02:00
Broccoli 00:02:00
Brussels Sprouts 00:01:00
Carrots 00:01:00
Cauliflower 00:01:00
Mushrooms 00:02:00
Onions 00:02:00
Peppers 00:01:00
Spinach 00:01:00
Sweet Potatoes 00:02:00
Tomatoes 00:02:00
Superfood Grains
The Benefits Of Whole Grains 00:03:00
Brown Rice 00:01:00
Oats 00:01:00
Quinoa 00:01:00
Superfood Beans & Legumes
The Benefits Of Beans & Legumes 00:02:00
Beans 00:01:00
Chickpeas 00:02:00
Lentils 00:01:00
Peas 00:01:00
Superfood Fruits
The Benefits Of Fruits 00:02:00
Apples 00:01:00
Apricots 00:02:00
Avocados 00:02:00
Bananas 00:01:00
Cherries 00:01:00
Dates 00:01:00
Figs 00:01:00
Grapefruits 00:02:00
Grapes 00:01:00
Lemons & Limes 00:01:00
Oranges 00:01:00
Papayas 00:01:00
Pineapples 00:01:00
Superfood Berries
The Benefits Of Berries 00:02:00
Blueberries 00:01:00
Cranberries 00:01:00
Raspberries 00:01:00
Strawberries 00:02:00
Superfood Nuts & Seeds
The Benefits Of Nuts & Seeds 00:02:00
Almonds 00:02:00
Brazil Nuts 00:01:00
Cashews 00:01:00
Coconuts 00:01:00
Hazelnuts 00:01:00
Macadamias 00:01:00
Peanuts 00:01:00
Pecans 00:01:00
Pumpkin Seeds 00:01:00
Sunflower Seeds 00:01:00
Walnuts 00:01:00
Superfood Meat, Poultry & Eggs
The Benefits Of Meat, Poultry & Eggs 00:03:00
Eggs 00:01:00
Free Range Poultry 00:01:00
Grass Fed Beef 00:01:00
Lamb 00:01:00
Liver 00:01:00
Superfood Fish & Seafood
The Benefits Of Fish & Seafood 00:02:00
Clams 00:01:00
Lobster 00:01:00
Salmon 00:01:00
Shrimp 00:01:00
Tuna 00:01:00
Dark Chocolate 00:01:00
Olive & Olive OIl 00:01:00
The Right Foods For Specific Health Goals
Should Women and Men Eat Differently 00:03:00
The Right Foods For Preventing Cancer 00:04:00
The Right Foods For More Energy 00:03:00
The Right Foods For Healthy Bones & Ligaments 00:02:00
The Right Foods For Preventing Heart Disease 00:03:00
The Right Foods For Muscle Gains 00:02:00
The Right Foods For Good Skin & Hair 00:04:00
The Right Foods For Fighting Stress & Depression 00:03:00
Superfoods For Special Diets
The Right Foods For A High Calcium Diet 00:01:00
The Right Foods For A High Fat Diet 00:05:00
The Right Foods For A High Fiber Diet 00:03:00
The Right Foods For A High Protein Diet 00:02:00

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