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Course overview:

This Illustrator CC 2020 Masterclass training course will help you to propel your career forward as an Illustrator. Our course is made by professionals designed with step by step tutorials which will help you to become an expert on Illustration. Whether you’re self thought or a beginner this course will provide you with the essential skills and knowledge to become a professional in this field.  

Graphic Design is a billion dollar industry. To become successful in the graphic design industry, you need to be an expert in Illustrator. Illustrator is the most important software in graphic design. If you are unsure whether or where to start from our Illustration CC 2020 MasterClass will set you up with a solid foundation to become an expert illustrator and develop more essential skills.

Illustrator CC 2020 MaterClass will set you up with the quality and experience needed for a job ideal for beginners. It will give a head start in your career.

After completing the training course you will have the basic qualification to get any illustrator based job, you will have every technique to make any type of graphic design. We’re dedicated to giving you the best educational experience possible. This course is crafted by industry experts, to enable you to learn quickly and efficiently, and at your own pace and convenience.       


Learning outcome

Why should i take this course from you:


After you successfully finish our ascribed training course Illustrator CC 2020 Master Class, you have developed new sets of skills that can contribute to your personal and professional development, improve your job prospects and evolve in your career. Now can obtain a PDF copy of your certificate free of cost.

Career Path

After completing our Illustrator CC 2020 Master Class course, you will achieve the essential knowledge and tips to become successful in your career. This course is perfect fit anyone who wants to become their career on Graphics design including:

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Course
Illustrator Course Outline 00:02:00
The Power of Adobe Illustrator 00:01:00
Achieve the Best Learning Experience 00:02:00
Illustrator Fundamentals & Basics
Illustrator Documents 00:04:00
Illustrator Workspaces & Properties Panel 00:13:00
Artboards 00:13:00
Illustrator Navigation & zooming 00:09:00
Illustrator Basic geometric shapes 00:16:00
Illustrator Transformation & Rotation 00:12:00
Illustrator Pathfinder Panel & Shape Builder Tool 00:11:00
Illustrator Selection Tools & Methods 00:09:00
Grouping Elements in Illustrator 00:06:00
Ilustrator Layers 00:08:00
Illustrator Align & Distribute Panel 00:04:00
Illustrator Guides, Grids & Rulers 00:11:00
Exercise: Drawing Basic Geometric Shapes 00:17:00
Color, Appearance & Graphic style panels
Illustrator Color Panels (color, swatches, themes, guide)​​ 00:19:00
Illustrator Gradient Colors Panel 00:13:00
Illustrator Appearance & Graphic style Panels 00:09:00
Illustrator Effects 00:14:00
Exercise: Appearance, Graphic style, Gradients 00:09:00
Drawing Tools & Techniques
Illustrator Pencil Tool 00:07:00
Illustrator Brush Tool 00:04:00
Illustrator Pen Tools 00:14:00
Illustrator Curvature Tool 00:05:00
Pen Tools & Curvature Tool Exercise 00:18:00
Illustrator drawing modifying tools 00:14:00
Illustrator Transform & Liquify Tools 00:10:00
Illustrator Puppet Warp Tool 00:04:00
Illustrator Envelope Distort 00:07:00
Drawing Symmetric Shapes 00:09:00
Drawing Concentric Symmetrical design 00:11:00
Illustrator Clipping Masks 00:11:00
Illustrator Opacity Masks 00:08:00
Illustrator Live Paint Bucket Tool 00:09:00
Recolor Artwork 00:09:00
Exercise Complex Drawing 00:09:00
Illustrator Complex Drawing Techniques Explained 00:15:00
Illustrator Brushes
Illustrator Art Brushes 00:14:00
Illustrator Scatter Brush 00:10:00
illustrator Bristle Brush 00:07:00
Illustrator Calligraphic Brush 00:10:00
Illustrator Pattern Brush 00:08:00
Illustrator Images Brushes 00:09:00
Exercise (Brushes) 00:03:00
Design With images in illustrator
Handling Images in Illustrator 00:16:00
Images Modifications Before Tracing 00:07:00
Tracing Images in Illustrator 00:13:00
Enhancing Traced Vectors & Coloring Hints 00:07:00
Exercise (Images) 00:03:00
Typography in Illustrator
Illustrator Typography Anatomy & Character Control 00:15:00
Illustrator Paragraphs Control 00:12:00
Illustrator Character & Paragraph Styles Panels 00:11:00
Illustrator Fonts (Filtering, Variable, glyphs, stylistic sets, open type panel, svg) 00:16:00
Illustrator Touch type tool 00:02:00
Illustrator Type on a Path Tools 00:07:00
Clipping Typography Masks 00:04:00
Illustrator Typography Art Directions & Trending Visual Effects 00:15:00
Illustrator Type Envlope Distort 00:04:00
Illustrator Text Wrap 00:02:00
Excercise (Appearance, Graphic Style, Gradients, strokes) 00:09:00
Illustrator Advance Techniques & Tricks
Illustrator Blend Tool 00:10:00
Illustrator Perspective Drawing 00:12:00
Illustrator Symbols 00:12:00
Creating Patterns in Illustrator 00:09:00
Illustrator Graphs 00:15:00
Illustrator Gradiant Mesh 00:08:00
Exporting & Finalizing Artwork in illustrator
Exporting Illustrator Files & Save for Web 00:07:00
Preparing & Exporting Illustrator File 00:07:00
Illustrator Asset Export Panel 00:02:00
Creative Cloud & Libraries 00:07:00
Illustrator Export for Screens, Save for Web & Archiving Files 00:10:00

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